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Is This Justice

Part 1

How Much Longer

Brief But Spectacular | Anthony Ray Hinton | PBS NewsHour

Source: Facebook post from PBS Newshour Post

Founder Malik Ali | Sharing Thoughts on George Floyd Case

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Five Major Massacres in the US.

Colfax, Louisiana 1873 – 150 Black Men Murdered.
Wilmington, North Carolina 1897 – 60 to 300 Blacks were killed.
Atlanta, Georgia 1906 -100 Blacks killed.
Elaine, Arkansas 1919 -200 Blacks killed.
Rosewood, Florida 1923 – 150 Blacks killed.

Is This America The Beautiful

We will assemble Attorneys in all 50 states to discourage Police Brutality, Death and

Wrongful convictions. We will file Civil Lawsuits within 48 hours, making it too expensive to
continue this behavior. We will also assist in making sure the accused has great representation.  
Will you be a part of the change?


Marching has stopped
Protesting has stopped
What’s Next

Our Priorities

Priority One

We will provide Vitamin D, C-Zinc, and Echinacea+g to all those vulernable (underlying conditions) to COVID-19. This will strengthen and boost their immune systems to prevent and/or promote rapid recovery from a virus infection!

Priority Two

Make available to every citizen the Mutual Dignity (MD) phone app. It will include; but be limited to streaming to 7.8 billion people via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter! Police will now be accountable to the entire world! This app will also invite concerned citizens within a 5 mile radius via text to approach safely, as a journalist to video the police encounter!

We will press Congress for comprehensive legislation, including; but not limited to police department and procedure reforms! Below are key Incentives and Deterrents.

1. Our (MD) mutual dignity phone app will discourage bad behavior of both citizens and law enforcement’s interaction, as it has the potential to live stream to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to 7.8 Billion people of the entire world!

Copies of all cell phones video angles from concerned citizens, including the law enforcement’s body camera of each daily interaction, will be made available to the Justice Department, Governor, Mayor, and Chief of police! Making these government officials accountable for law enforcement officers’ behavior as they comply or their noncompliance with departments’ policy and procedures.

2. Civil actions filed within 48 hours against police departments, police unions, and individual officers in the state or federal court, whether criminal charges are filed or not.

3. Justice Department shall investigate all officers involved in cases, in which the result is death or serious injury of citizens.

4. Federal prosecutors will bring charges against officers when their violation of proper procedures result in serious injury or death. This will prevent a conflict of interest while promoting transparency.

5. Body cameras are to be worn and activated by all officers in the field before, during, and at the conclusion of all questioning, detaining, and arresting of any citizen–without exception(s)!
Any variation of this procedure will result in daily reports forwarded to the following parties: The Justice Department, State Governors, Local Mayors, and Police Chiefs.

6. Congress to pass legislation that calls for the withholding of any federal funds to states in which police departments have been documented for non-compliance of proper policy procedures.

7. Congress to pass legislation to protect and encourage citizens’ involvement in assuming a journalistic role of videotaping various vantage points during a police questioning, detaining, or arresting a citizen.”

8. Congress to pass legislation to eliminate qualified immunity for all law enforcement officers involved in serious injury or death of citizens!

9. We will engage a renoun forensic accountant and an accomplished investigator to locate assets of law enforcement officers who are subjects of civil lawsuits, after causing a wrongful death or serious injury of citizens. This will prevent concealment, transferring, or hiding of assets before or after a judgment in the civil case!

P.D. Incentives:

1. Officers are to be recognized and /or awarded for the intervention of a questioning, detaining, or arresting of a citizen in which injury or death to American citizens is prevented.

2. Bonus funding for states and police departments that demonstrate significant improvement(s) in community and citizens relationships, and maintain such levels quarterly.

3. Treating all cases of officer involvement of serious injury or death to any citizens as though each are a high profile case, dotting all ‘I’s and crossing all ‘T’s.

Diversity & Civil Training:

1. Mandatory curriculum to treat every citizen with the utmost duty of care, reflecting that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

2. Eliminating hate from the top will set the standard for all officers!

” Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” 

– Barack Obama


A small $10 investment from each citizen will begin to turn the wheels of
Justice on all levels.